The staple diets of many children at breakfast time including Rice Krispies, Coco Pops and Frosties could soon be designated as 'less healthy' cereals later this year after Kellogg's lost a high court case yesterday over whether its cereals had too much sugar.

The High in Fat, Sugar and Salt regulations (HFSS) stop manufacturers from promoting products, either in store or online, classified as 'less healthy' by the Food Standards Agency based on a scoring system.

The HFSS were brought in to deal with obesity in children which is the second highest cause of cancer costing the NHS millions to deal with.

For Kellogg's they do not have to change the recipe for their cereals if they don't want to but its likely to be a slippery slope for them and other food producers to have products certified as 'less healthy' as lose sales as a result.