So having got over the emotional copying of Colin the caterpillar cake by Aldi, M&S has taken action against Aldi again - but this time over a more subjective design of a gin bottle.

It has to be said there are very few examples of gin in a bell-shaped bottle that light up - so why copy this? The main reason, as always, is to use another's reputation to help you sell your product which is almost always cheaper!

By now, most people know that Aldi sell good quality produce but at a cheaper price but clearly Aldi think they need the extra leg up of using someone else's reputation to hit their sales targets.

One view is that Aldi's marketing is lazy as it copies other people’s products another view is that Aldi has to work hard to make a product that is not an illegal copy.

Looks like another one for the court to sort out. Anyone for a G&T in the meantime?!