Last month saw the annual celebration of motorsport at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Following the cancellation of the 2020 festival, this year’s event saw a lot of “firsts” including the brand-new ‘Electric Avenue’ – a showcase of all things electric mobility, from SUVs and saloons to electric supercars.

Consumer perception is perhaps one of the biggest roadblocks to the wide-spread adoption of EVs. One of those perceptions is that EVs don’t offer as engaging or exciting a driving experience as with a conventionally powered vehicle.

Tesla knew this when it decided that its first production car would be a sports model (the Tesla Roadster). It’s taken until now for the industry to realise that, having at least one sports model EV in the line-up can boost the perception of the rest of the product range. 

Arguably, the most exciting EV on show at the Festival of Speed was the prototype Lotus Evija. Proudly exhibited in gold, the Evija is an all-electric hypercar, with 2000 horsepower and maximum speed exceeding 200mph. It was a great reminder that EVs do not have to be boring (although the £2,000,000 price label might be holding some of us back).