Planning my Friday lunch, I noted earlier that Nando’s says customers cannot pay with cash. 

And others are taking a similar view it seems:

  • Since 2017, cash use has been declining by around 15% each year
  • In 2020, fuelled by Covid, the number of payments made using notes and coins fell by 35%.
  • 13.7 million people said they were leading a “cashless life” last year – almost double the 7.4 million figure in 2019. 
  • Five in six payments now involve no notes or coins, compared with half of all transactions a decade ago.

My Apple Watch has been a revelation since I started using it, and I love using my phone to pay. It really does feel like a permanent shift now, and there are many benefits.

But beware. Do you know how much you are spending, how regularly and whether there is a better deal out there? The article below is a fascinating read. It makes the valid point that we risk losing the discerning nature of our spending when it is conveniently spirited out of our bank accounts. 

"Why we lose track of spending in a cashless society | Financial Times ("

Financial convenience through the use of technology may give way to value. And integrity. And transparency.

But for now, I am off to buy some contactless chicken.