There are innumerable reasons why working from home is a good thing. And nobody is more keen on the idea than my cocker spaniel.  There are also now innumerable articles on why working from home is a good thing, a bad thing.... and something to be used in moderation. 

Alas, the views of my dog on this subject are no match for views expressed by such influential people as Goldman Sachs chief executive David Solomon, who last month described homeworking as an “aberration that we’re going to correct as quickly as possible”. A strident view it must be said.

But amongst articles of branch closures, descaling offices and site closures, I did read one article this week that made me reflect on a positive approach to business culture...

Nationwide tells 13,000 staff to 'work anywhere' - BBC News

And my point is part of its 'work anywhere' policy Nationwide has offered the potential for staff to work from their local high street branch rather than work from local offices. What a good idea! Office staff encountering (from behind bullet proof glass) real customers. Seeing the brand in operation. I know of other banks allowing desk-based professional staff to work from their branch network - and I think it's genius.

So clear out all of those old boxes of paying-in slips and failed marketing campaigns with former celebrities and get your unused branch store rooms ready. The staff are coming!

Just remember the dog bowl.