It is Friday morning, and I have another important government commissioned report to read. But this one is different.

As a law student, and before the digital revolution, I quickly learnt to analyse important cases by looking at the introduction, a few (not too long) paragraphs in the middle and then the all important summing up. I would then consider myself fully informed and ready to engage in furious debate.

But no such quick fix exists if we are to fully absorb the key messages in today's Kalifa Review. Take a look here

The review, carried out by former Worldpay chief Ron Kalifa, is one of a series of reviews and reports commissioned by the government, and others. It aims to bring some clarity and focus and practical ideas for how the UK can maintain a strong presence in global and international fintech development for years to come.

And if like me you want a few (not too long) informative paragraphs in the middle, I would suggest that you take away this simple message - the UK’s leading position in fintech is at risk from growing global competition and regulatory uncertainty caused by (you guessed it) Brexit - among other things. We face growing global competition to attract and retain the fastest growing tech start-ups. Solutions are needed if our fintech industry is to maintain the estimated direct contribution of £13.7bn to the economy by 2030.

And with the introduction complete, some useful soundbites in the middle and an interesting statistic to refer to over Zoom, the summary is simple. Take the time to read the review. It is relevant, informative and really should encourage all of us to innovate in our thinking around finance and technology. Become part of the debate.