Ex-servicemen claim the Royal British Legion has lost touch with its original ethos to support soldiers and accuse it of becoming too corporate for spending £100,000 on a rebranding at a time when respite centres for veterans have closed to save money.

At the same time trustees have to make decisions in what they consider to be the best interest of their beneficiaries, both now and into the future. The charity responds that this is its first new logo in 30 years and the existing logo is not fit for purpose for today's digital channels.

Charities exist to provide frontline services but equally what happens if the next generation of supporters sees them as out-of-touch or old fashioned? The changing world, attitudes and where the line between acceptable and not lies has prompted some charities to change their name over time from descriptions of the nature of the cause supported to other, more branded names. 

Branding surely has a place, even though the fundamental reason charities will continue to receive their support is because of the work they do.