Reading the Law Society Gazette today, I do not understand why so many individuals fail to make a Will. I shouldn't be surprised, having dealt with 100s of intestate estates, out of date and invalid Wills over the years, but it seems the message is still not getting through!

Last month, the Law Society noted a ‘striking shift’ in the number of people making or updating wills during the pandemic. However, it warned that the ‘overwhelming majority’ of people still do not have their affairs in order. A survey commissioned by the Law Society found that just 29% had an up-to-date Will and 93% of those who have a will have not included any digital assets in it.

Encouragingly, we have had a number of clients putting wealth and succession planning to the forefront of their plans in 2021, reviewing and updating their Wills.

I have to confess to having a "list" for everything and new year if no exception! My husband would be rolling his eyes at me, but there is a certain satisfaction by crossing each item off once completed. Please folks, put your Will to the top of your new year "to do list" and do think about making provisions for your digital assets.

Law Society president David Greene: