The government has this morning announced 'new measures to level up England's cities and provide much-needed new homes' which include shelving the proposed changes to the Standard Method for identifying housing need that were proposed earlier this year. 

There will be further detail published later today but the announcement states that the changes will allow the government to meet its target of delivering 300,000 new homes each year for the life of the current Parliament.  

It is clear that the proposals will focus development on brownfield land in urban areas and that significant numbers of new dwellings will be delivered via the conversion of retail/office premises to residential dwellings.  

It is frustrating that much of Robert Jenrick's interview on the Today programme this morning was taken up by questions over next week's COVID restrictions but he was clear on one point: the changes to the summer's proposals have come about as a result of feedback received as part of the consultation exercise undertaken following their announcement.  Whether that was from those of us in the industry who had significant concerns that the levelling-up agenda was being hamstrung by the changes to the Standard Method, or whether it was pressure from backbench MPs or former PMs seeking to preserve green space within their constituencies is currently unclear...more to follow.