Where much of the economy began to open up after the first lockdown, quarantine measures that were introduced prevented air travel from having a comparable return. The welcome news of two viable COVID-19 vaccines has caused airline stocks to fly high, with British Airways’ owner IAG and EasyJet both seeing increases. This comes after months of sustained suffering by the industry.


Despite hope on the horizon, EasyJet recently reported its first annual loss in its 25-year history and October airport traffic was down 80%. The concerns of the Airport Operators Association (AOA), expressed to the Prime Minister on 4th November, must be addressed if the aviation sector is to play its critical role in boosting Britain’s economy post-pandemic and post-Brexit. In particular, financial support and COVID-19 testing are essential if the industry is to resume international travel in December.


More information about the Chief Executive of the AOA’s letter, including the proposed package of support, can be found on their website.