The events in the US over the weekend have created a sense of "reset" for the world, so it's very timely that today marks the start of a global summit on green energy financing in London. Could this be one of the UK's best ways to bounce out of the Covid depression (both financially and emotionally) and give us all some hope for the future? 

Sometimes "green energy" seems a bit abstract, but at the granular level it's about the houses, offices and warehouses we build, how we get around and the types of jobs our kids can get in the future.  

With these numbers, the potential really is huge:

  • Over the next three decades, the total required investments in the energy sector alone will be US$3.5 trillion per year.
  • Almost US$50 to US$135 billion per year will need to flow to carbon capture and biofuel technology.
  • Research and development of new technologies offer a prospect of high returns; doubling of investments in this area could generate returns of U$20 billion per annum.