What app do you open first thing in the morning? If I wasn't so honest I would say it was the Times Business. But I am and it isn't. It's Instagram. I like looking at other people's houses on Instagram. Once I have spent ten to fifteen minutes doing that, then it is the Times Business page. 

Today there are three stories in a row that caught my eye, "Fevertree feels the love of good mixers on home front", then it's "Halford's keeps show on road with cycling boom" and finally  "SCS sitting comfortably as customers upgrade sofas". These three articles tell a lockdown story. We had to sit on our sofas a lot binge watching Netflix and scaring ourselves silly watching the daily coronavirus press conferences. All that sitting meant that we realised that our sofas were really not that comfortable at all. What we needed was a gin and sugary and expensive tonic, both to numb the physical pain cause by our sofas, and to anaesthetise us emotionally. Being in a near permanent state of 'fight or flight' is not good for anyone's nerves. This stressed out, sedentary lifestyle was bound to result in piling on some early lockdown pounds. A few weeks in, we bought bikes for the hour-a-day release from our homes.

In the same way that we got tired of our sofa, having been re-acquainted with our homes for many more hours than ever before, some of us tired of them. Excessive Instagram browsing has a similar effect.

Add to the house dissatisfaction the carrot of an SDLT holiday, then you have a housing boom. Lemonade.