The new draft motor finance guidance has been issued and the FCA are seeking views from the industry by close today (6/7/20). The guidance now introduces the concept of a partial payment deferral and makes it clear that additional payments deferrals are not a customer right but rather it is for the lender to assess what is appropriate.  I hope the press do not present this new guidance as providing consumers with a further deferral as a primary option.  This isn't the case.  Further, I hope the FCA clarifies its intentions regarding repossessions. In many cases repossession will remain the best option for a customer who is in payment difficulties, to avoid depreciation and increased debt burden.  Lenders can proceed where a customer isn't in "temporary" payment difficulties as a result of the virus and doesn't need the car, however, there will be confusion regarding what "temporary" means and I fear the messaging to the public will cause confusion.