Legal tech is starting to revolutionise how in-house lawyers work. 


Put simply, tech allows lawyers to spend more time doing the things that only humans can do, like negotiating, strategising, empathising and supporting their clients. 

For in-house lawyers it presents an even greater opportunity, because they can begin to spend more time engaging with their internal clients and proactively helping to achieve their business’ goals.

The result? In-house lawyers are even more valuable within their businesses and their profiles are raised.

My colleague Tony Randle and I discuss the opportunities that legal tech presents in a LexisNexis webinar on legal tech: Using technology to demonstrate your value in the business.

In the webinar we look at how smart tech can work for in-house lawyers. In particular, we investigate the types of tech available, do a bit of myth-busting, look into a few successful case studies, and round the webinar off with handy tips on getting it right for your business.

For the link, click here (£). The webinar is available from 12:30 today (9 March). If you can, do watch! And as always please do get in touch with your thoughts.