The other day I was asked, 'what’s one of the biggest challenges with legal tech?'

My response? It’s all about people.

Lawyers sometimes forget that tech—including legal tech—should be people-focused: it’s not people or tech, it’s people and tech.

Forgot tech for tech’s sake! Forget tech that is designed for its own ends: tech is here to serve us as lawyers, not for us to serve it.

In fact, I’d say parts of the sector arguably need a bit of a makeover. All those clichéd and hackneyed images of humanoids holding up their hand like in a Michelangelo painting—to denote artificial intelligence—or sci-fi-style lawyer robots. Too often discussion of legal tech feels either cold or dystopian, or both. Frankly, some of the images look as daft as pictures of the future from the 60s or 70s where everyone is walking around in silver jumpsuits. How does this speak to lawyers?

The upshot? I think that legal tech needs to show its human side. 

It needs to show the stories of how, for example, lawyers can be better lawyers through the use of smart tech.

To this end, my colleague Tony Randle and I recently filmed a LexisNexis webinar on legal tech: Using technology to demonstrate your value in the business and we look at how smart tech can work for in-house lawyers.

In particular, we investigate the types of tech available, do a bit of myth-busting, look into a few successful case studies, and round the webinar off with handy tips on getting it right for your business.

For the webinar, click here (£). The webinar is available from 9 March 2020. If you can, do watch! And as always please do get in touch with your thoughts.